Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Guess WHAT!!!

I FINALLY got the pix to download- yahoooo!
Naturally I have to go to work now- here are a couple shots anyway!

TeacHaiti students with their loot

Tricia walking the streets of du Nord with Billy from MMRC and 2 boys

Learning how to crochet at TeacHaiti- Saturdays they have workshops
and are taught a trade- crochet, beadmaking, painting

No matter where you go, the boys ALWAYS flash the hand gestures

A soccerball!!! Woo hoo!!!


  1. what are the kids doing in the fourth photo... where the girls are sitting around in chairs learning something?....Did you give them the nice tie dye?... look great!

  2. Hello,

    The kids in a circle are learning how to crochet. This was at TeacHaiti, after the Cholera ordeal. They all had matching shirts that had TeacHaiti on them from Miquette. The kids in the 4th picture I believe were from St Louie De Nord, they were saying good bye to us when we left. Can you see how excited they were to get the toys?? They love them. Thank you the classes of Mrs Hintsala and Mr Andrews!