Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday- somehow Wednesday evaporated

Here is a little video from our last mission- day 8 I believe- these "houses" were constructed on the narrow median of a busy, crazy street- I am talking buses and fuel trucks and everything else zooming by at as fast-as-they-can-go speed and the air quality is dismal. But if that is all you've got, and you aren't keen on living next to a building that may crumble and crush you- it may be the best spot available--------

Somehow Wednesday evaporated and the post of the day as well! Working nights has it's own magical weirdness like that. Tonight"smy last night in CICU-I have the next 4 days off THANK GOD.

People are always surprised that we have to pay for our own plane tix and lodging, etc. I believe this is true of most mission work. We do not get to leave work unless we take vacation, and/or find someone to cover our shifts.
I have no idea how people go for months at a time- various organizations that we have researched have minimum stay requirements- like Doctors without Borders is a 6 month commitment- and other places want you to be able to go with a 3 day notice!

Hooray for the HAWKS for HAITI shorties! The social studies classes are having a contest to see who can raise the most in donated supplies/$. The class that brngs in the most (useful) stuff wins a free class day.
A huge thanks to the most amazing teachers that are encouraging this competition- how lucky are we???

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