Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Less than a week.........

Next week at this time we will be in Port au Prince.
The support that you all are giving us is MIGHTY and we are feeling stronger and stronger- and our supply area is getting mighty full.
Today in the mail, in fact, I received 800 condoms and 100 pregnancy tests! MESI!!!

Unfortunately, it was 48 degrees out today and I thought it was pretty warm and wore sandals to hike the dog without any problem. Oh boy, that hot humidity is comin!
If anyone can find a battery operated fan or fan necklace, PLEASE buy it for us and we will pay you back!

We are changing gears a bit and concentrating mostly on stuff for cholera of course.

Here are some photos from our last trip- day 8? or 7?

Enjoying our terrifying-yet-delightful open air ride to work

Our patients make everything worth it!

Goat and garbage and cement!

I wish we could've stopped to look at these painting- alas, we ZOOMED by

We saw LOTS of amazing graffeti- I asked the interpreters what this meant and they just said "It's a joke"

"Peter" the cat during a rare moment of rest

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