Saturday, August 21, 2010

Back into Action!

We are sitting in a "restaurant" in canal park and brainstorming (I use the word brain loosely).
Less than 3 months until we leave for another 2 week mission.
 How will we promote this trip?
How many tie-dye hoodies can we really sell?
So many changes have happened since April- both in Haiti and at home- but our focus hasn't changed one bit. We are dedicated to helping with the medical care of Haitian people no matter when we go, where we stay, and how we fund it. We are still planning to go from November 2 til November 16th.
We are invigorated after a summer of sun and family!
Many people have expressed a longing to help us- you can come with if you choose, or if you can't come along, would you be willing to help schlep shirts or maybe you have other ideas?
Please let us know.
We have a few ideas up our sleeves.
Stay tuned for a list of items needed- from soccer balls (air-free) to narcotics!!!


  1. How much is a flight to Haiti?

  2. about 850 round trip from Duluth to Port au Prince and back.... Tricia