Monday, July 12, 2010


The Bayront Reggae Festival took place last Saturday and it was a great place to network!
Tricia made a photo album from our trip in April. Many people were quite moved by the pictures they saw and let us know how much they care about Haiti. A great deal of time was spent discussing ideas and concerns with folks. We made some new friends and rekindled some old friendships as well. MAGIC!
There was a great spirit to the day.  One love indeed.

We are pictured in front of our booth with the flag of Kenya!
Check out Zili Misik!!!
They are an all woman group and really connect! They blend Haitian mizik rasin with jazz, roots reggae, samba, and Cuban son. Their name comes from Ezili- a powerful Haitian spiritual entity that is conceptualized as mother, lover, and warrior.
Their music is so positive and full of love I just can't say enough.

We are starting to get excited about returning to Port au Prince November 2 through the 16!!!

PEACE~  Julius

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