Thursday, April 22, 2010

what day it is? Seriously!

Hello everyone!
Today we went back to Haiti Family Ministries. As with most things, we had a challenge to deal with.
We arrived (this was the same place we were at yesterday)- via tap-tap that Steve and Withz negotiated for us on the street (Steve also gave me some socks to wear- we are a TEAM- Tricia, Brett, Steve, Withz, and me- as in we are all together 100%)- and the woman running the place told us that our interpreters had to stay outside the building because "people inside the building had cash and passports and things of value. What??? where these the same people that were asking us to treat each patient as if they were Christ and care for them as such?
We were angry, embarrassed, and completely flabbergasted. Yep- flabbergasted. No other word shall do.
Can you imagine how our translators felt? These guys are able to go ANYWHERE that I am at QCR- I trust them COMPLETELY. I misplaced my ipod this am and never once did the thought that someone had taken it ever enter my mind.
So- even though we wanted to say "Well, that's too bad, we can't stay here because you are a bigot", we stayed and cared for the incredibly lovable residents of the community that were waiting for us down the hot n dusty trail. It made me SICK, frankly, and I am still not over it.
We did that radio interview outside on the street today and I wish we could hear it tomorrow but we will be at Miami Hospital (yippeeeee!) and will not be able to tune in.
Things are coming to an end here at Quisqueya and the long termer are trying to plan for their future.
How scary for them- they know how much $ they need to move onto the next part of their lives and there just is not ANY resources.
We have an overnight in Miami on Monday and we hope to be hit with something amazing- some great idea to help some folks here on the short term with funds for college or flights OUT.
Any ideas?
XOXX Julius- the proud owner of a set of cankles
PS- tonight Jamie sang various arias from many operas for us and also taught us the words to a beautiful Haitian song- I feel like I will sleep tonight!!

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  1. My idea for saving Haiti is - - take longer than Monday night to plan it! That night in Miami you might do something like sleep, or eat some junky food, or dance bachata. I know for sure that what's best for Haiti (and for other developing countries) is for Haitians to pull themselves up. Yes, we can help. But not forever, and not to the extent of dependency.