Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday #2

Ok, I'll admit it- we are getting a wee worn down.
I am sitting out here on the balcony and a little gecko is chirping off and on while the rain pours down.
I wonder what sort of muck there will be in the tent city tomorrow?
We have a special crew going since it is our last work day- it will be TMatt and I, Courtney, Dr. L ( a Haitain doc and her RN), Alex, Bly and Kiki (super interpreters) and Kelly (spider-charmer).
We are going to the Carrefou feu area - a loooooong interesting drive lemme say.  We have been enjoying the open air pick up rides lately- makes me feel like a kid. I actually am learning my way around.
We are moving to yet another room- this time in with Samantha (which will be fun because she loves bachata and has an actual radio).
Thankfully a team of !24! is arriving tomorrow!
It is crazy how many people have come and gone- everyday is a change and a goodbye and another hello. Working with the volunteers here have restored my faith in the medical community- the one thing that binds us together here is our loving spirit. This sort of energy takes off on it's own an enables you to do things that you would never imagine you could do.
One of the people here is a prosthetic guy- he has a mobil service that finds people that need prosthetic limbs and goes to them to measure them and teach them how to prep their stump,then builds them their new leg and somehow finds them again! Today he started out in the lovely Petionville and ended up in Cite Soliel where he gave a man his new limb and taught him how to walk with it at a nearby gas station. AMAZING. He has this vid on you tube- check it out- amazing.....

Tricia and I sang a naughty drinking songs and guzzled down the electrolyte water with great gusto today- I personally have had 10 liters today!!!
Again, I am too tired to really say too much..........
Until tomorrow~

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