Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday #2

I love Tuesday-
The thing about being here is that we are on week 2 at QCR practical school-of-medicine so we are now sort of high up on the ?experienced? ladder and it's so different now when the new groups arrive.
Talking with the new group today I saw so much of myself in them on my day #1........where is everything? how do things work? This tropical medicine is SO beyond my experience-I don't kno what I am doing!.... I hope I don' t screw up.......
But to me- the arrival of the new team is the arrival of new hope and new energy- fresh brains ready to get up and go. We are very very thankful to be going to another family clinic in the morning and this time we also have an experienced ED doc ith us.
Nothing better than having another waaaay more educated brain than yours to pick. We did ok today as the 2 providers at Morning Star today- but I was scared BLEEPless because if something we couldn't handle came in it would be awful.
Yet very possibly this could happen. BUT- it did NOT happen and for this we give thanks.

I left feeling---- not really good, but RELIEVED that we didn't get the knife fight victims that the clinic downtown got, that no one in advanced labor arrived....... the list goes on and on.

Now for my Tricia report-
This gal showed her true colors today when she treated a family suffering from malnutrition. The dad came with several children and said that his wife died in "the event" and that he was raising his 5 children alone. If you just thought "why would you have 5 children if you had no money" shake that thought away please.
They had no tent, no tarp,  no food, no water.
1.5 million people are homeless here and  I think that that may be a low estimate.
Anyhoo- Tricia got a phone number of a friend of a friend of this fellar and....
 when we got home there it was-
the tent that our previous roomies had left behind!!!

This tent will be small for them but it is something.
I hope that Stacy and Beth see this post.
Peace and I promise to write a story about SP tomorrow,

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