Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Tune into KUMD at 103.3 and listen for an interview with Julie Louise!
I will be speaking from Haiti Family Ministries in the suburb called Carrefour- population 500,000 and it is about 3 miles from the earthquakes epicenter. Over 90% of the buildings were destroyed, including the church and ministry school that this organization used to teach/worship from. They lost 40 students as class was in session when the event happened. You have to walk oer the broken rubble to get to the flat area that the clinic is held. You carry the chairs, tables, and all the supplies to this area (there is a tarp too) about a block and that is your clinic. I am honored to be there and so thankful that KUMD is willing to let the public know their story. More later- I am SUPER GRIMEY.
Now, what on earth will I say???
LOVE, love, and more love,

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  1. Julie, we are pre-recording the interview and I'm hoping it will air on Friday. Sorry if I didn't tell you that! It's still super exciting, though!