Thursday, April 15, 2010


How do everyone! I am just sittin here on the balcony of the school watching another RN balance on a questionable card table while trying to help a cat down from the rafters. Meow! Today was not exactly what we planned because we missed our bus. Yep. I even wrote it on my hand- leave at 7:30 but alas, the bus leaves at 7 everyday I was told in a sort of all knowing way. Well that was fine because we were "stolen" by a team of NP's n PA's and off we went to a tent settlement! We had 3 translators for 7 people- but when we arrived there were 3 med students (maybe they lived in this settlement- not sure- they had a LOT of buds there) and they helped us a ton. The NPs saw the patients then we gave them their meds and education. We saw around 300 and boy howdy it just really was awesome, hot, and busy. Very sad in so many ways but also the kids were flying kites made from plastic bags- kites = carefree dreaming. I just about lost it when a 90 year old woman came thru the line---she was so,well- so- I don't know- breathtaking.  Today is my Grandma's 102nd birthday and I just tied the 2 together of course.
It is exciting to help, frustrating to see, and impossible to wrap your head around the work that needs to be done here with collapsed and about to collapse buildings. People are setting up crappy homes everywhere- even on the median with sinister traffic on both sides- and all the illnesses that come with poverty abound. Tricia took a break today- what a slacker. She went outside and blew bubbles with the kids. I notice that this event went hand-and-hand with the arrival of a guy who needed a toe dressing change.
The right home was frightening and we saw the herd of cows, again.
Well, we got back to QCR then promptly got the boot from the palace. We are now back in kindergarten. I hope I learn everything I need to know there.  We have a TOILET right in our room and also a clean water dispensor that pours forth cold water.
Time to be done- my contacts r sticking to my eyelids like silly putty.


  1. Good Job for making mother take a break! The little kids in the picture are just too adorable.


  2. Very interesting. Your fan club is awaiting your every report...thanks for all you are doing.

  3. Hi Julie, Judy from No Time For Poverty here. There was no place to mail your letter from the Airport in Miami so I put it in the mail from Minneapolis today (4/16). I am working on my reentry and feel like I have hit a brick wall as I have been putting together a slide show of my experiences. Hope all is well and blessings, You and Trish are a great team!