Thursday, April 8, 2010

Here comes the SUN!

WE HAVE A LAPTOP!!!! HUGE Thanks to SEVEN SIGMA SYSTEMS for donating! We will be able to blog from it, then leave it at Quisqueya Crisis Relief for the organization forever.
How awesomely awesome is that?!?
Sorry that I can't get the comment thing worked out~ I will contact tech support this evening.

The t-shirts will be done tomorrow- I believe I have 70 of them soaking in their dye as I type.
Zoowee mama, it was confusing and I apologize in advance if your order was for a pink/orange/yellow and the yellow is missing or something equally foul.
$20 each or $15 for the plain ones, we will be handing them out tomorrow or mailing/dropping them as arranged. Big thanks to Brownie and her kids for helping me yesterday, and BIG THANKS to Tricia who did all the running around across the universe to get our necessities.
I am really lovin' the robins today- chirp chireeee!
PEACE!  Julie

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