Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Spring trips are brewing!

Thank you so much for all these years of support- we love you!

We will be joining forces with the Sagebrush team (from Albuquerque) from April 8 through the 19th and will zoooom up to Lacoma!
We will support our regular patients and also hope to do some mobile clinics as well.  There are no roads of course so we will just head out to the remote areas on a couple of dirt bikes.   It will be amazing to help those that are not mobile enough to walk into "town" to come and see us.
Does anyone have a mostly decent backpack they are willing to donate for the mobile clinics? We will need 2 backpacks for medications and supplies.

PeaceLoveHaiti returns to Lacoma in May with a small but mighty team... Dr Grace and Julie Louise will be providing the medical care along with Kervens and Marc translating and running the pharmacy.   We need some big suitcases and also items from the Dollar Store like PG kits, clotrimazole and hydrocortisone cream,  sunglasses, antibiotic ointment, and lubricating eye drops.  And TUMS!!! Always TUMs.  Everybody loves TUMs.

When is Dr Mark going you ask?
Mark will be going in May too-- with dates to be determined!
He will continue supporting Dr Bordes in Canaan ..... I think the OR must be close to completion.
We hope to have some pictures soon of what the buildings look like nowadays.
Imagine! C-sections will finally be available to this area and we can't thank you enough for helping us get to this level.  We plan to send teams to this clinic sometime soon to help with both medical and surgical interventions and also to provide education for the Haitian medical team that runs this clinic every day.

 I need help organizing the donations in my basement!
Email me if you are willing to come over and spend a few hours with me....... peaceloveHaiti@gmail.com

If words were leaves, would you prefer fall or spring?

Here is a lil video from days gone by titled "QUICKSAND"... filmed by Tricia back in the serious clown show days......


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