Friday, May 1, 2015

Pix from our March trip!!!

We had a short and sweet trip in March!!!
Here is the clinic in Canaan after many improvements!!! The dream---
to build a surgical suite with 3 rooms separate from the clinic!
What a beautiful spot!
Dr. Bordes is doing an outstanding job providing (almost) free care to the people in this area and there is even a labor and delivery room.  A surgery/hospital is needed so there can be c-sections! How many women and babies don't make it because they have to access to that care?
We will never know.

The dream team!

Enjoying the hats and glasses y'all donated!!! And oh so many adorable babies this trip- Dr Borde set up a government sponsored vaccination clinic under the mango tree in front of the clinic one of the days we were there! 
Dr Borde with his portable ultrasound machine---- what a wonderful diagnostic tool!!!                            
Chabon (charcoal) being made from scrubby little bushes.  Chabon is the heat source for cooking and heating anything that needs to be heated for most of the population.  
Madam RiChabon with her massive log supply and the cutest kids you'll ever see! The kids loved getting new hats and candy too!
Below is Dr Mark and JP- our fearless driver

Look! The clinic has a "perception" room.... I wish we had one at Essentia's ER......

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