Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Just a day or two or three......

We will be back in Lacoma in just a day or two or three!!!

Dr. Mark (actually he is staying in Port au Prince to teach some med students),  Les,  Melissa (new to our team but definitely ready for action),  Julie,  Jamie, and Kervens will be there until May 13th doing what we can do to help.

We are SUPER EXCITED to have a *new* partner in helping the community of Lacoma--- Three Strand Cord!

They even made a SWEET little video about the 3 day medical mission their partner church,  Sage Brush Community Church (from Albuquerque) went on in February.....
PROGRESS!!!  Small world!  Together we can do this!!!!

Sending out so much love and gratitude to everyone who has helped us on these adventures of altruism!

We couldn't do it without you---- yes YOU!!!!

YOU make these trips happen, and we thank you!

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