Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mission number 6 coming up!!! Nov 2- Nov 14

It is crazy how fast the summer flew by!
We were just picking out the dates of our next trip and BAMMO we had to buy our tickets and we leave in less than 2 months!!!!

This trip will bring us back NW.... Dr Mark (Widstrom) and 2 fantastic OB nurses from Essentia health will be working at Beraca--- the hospital in La Pointe  (by Port de Paix)--- providing care and education to community and staff.  Katy (her first trip but she is a tough one) and I will try to get to Lacoma for another round at the clinic.  Our big ol' PeaceLoveHaiti team shall experience all the best of the NW Haiti rooster doodledoooooos and strange donkey noises during all hours of the day and night!

We are busy getting our supplies and medications, getting our own vaccinations, washing out our old tents and buying up the last of the battery-operated fans in Duluth.

We have a fundraiser coming up on Friday,  September 28 at RT Quinlans (yes you do have to be 21 years to go) with 4 incredible bands--- the Keepaways, the Black-Eyed Snakes, Southwire, and the American Rebels will all donate their talent to help us get our expenses paid for.

THANK YOU for all the continuing support!  We are so GRATEFUL!!!!!

Our last trip was so rainy and muddy! We did not have our own transportation and it was quite a trip getting 4 people and 6 suitcases to Lacoma.  Not to mention that Evey discovered she was 7 weeks pregnant 2 days before we left the states!!! Oh Fernando!!! Morning sickness in 90 degree weather on a packed public Haitian bus = birth control forever for many.  She was extremely tough and rolled with all the curves and bumps and floods and plan changes and etc etc.  We got to spend some time in St Louis du Nord with good friends at the mission there.  Les and I got to do a clinic at the prison in Port de Paix!  Tricia and I got to go do another clinic on the isle of Tortue......(yes, the sailboat ride over to that clinic was pretty epic)....  Tricia tried to take over the ship but it only worked for about 20 minutes......

Here are some pictures!