Wednesday, March 16, 2011

THANK YOU to everyone for a GREAT BENEFIT!!!!

Friday night's "Rock for Haiti" was a blast and hugely successful both financially and inspirationally. We were all blown away by the support from the community! Even better for me was getting to perform as well as blabber, dance, and enjoy the other groups. Amazing.

It was beautiful to see all the familar faces- old friends we have known for years still supporting us! Supporting us with their attendence, love and prayers, volunteering to work the doors and sell shirts, run sound, and then churn out some serious loudloudLOUD rock und roll and some very fine not so loud  music as well.
Live music always gets me going--- loads and loads of energy to draw on in the coming weeks.......

Equally fab were all the new faces there- people that had little idea what we have been up to and allowed us to share our experiences with them while they shared their evening with us~~~~~
NEW ENERGY= renewal.....
after all it is SPRING!!!

We will be in Port au Prince in less than 3 weeks with our multiple suitcases stuffed full of meds and supplies thanks to all the very generous donations from YOU! 

Here are some pictures from part of our last journey- it was a Sunday and we were going to "organize the OR-slash-supply room" at La Pointe because there was enough staff that day to treat all the cholera in the town. The surgeon was using the OR when we arrived, so we headed over to "House of Hope"- a malnutrition and TB center for kids that is run by a wonderful woman named Jenny (who happens to be from Canada)........... talk about joy, there is nothing like spending a few hours snuggling, teasing, and playing games with the cutest kids- and they are so well cared for, it really is a wonderful place. We started the day off at their Sunday school service and stayed until well after lunchtime. Did we ever get to organize the OR? Nope, the surgeon was in there all day and well into the night.

This lil guy had just arrived- he is obviously malnurished.  For Tricia it was love
at first sight! The leaders at House of Hope told us that many of the parents are not
seen again until the day their child is to be discharged- somehow they know this date
and will come and get their child----  even if it's 5 or 6 years later.

One of the boys had my camera and took a few shots of me and all his pals...

Oh yes, you can see it in their eyes...... these 2 are TROUBLE!!!

There were 2 sets of twins and this beautiful woman was one of the caregivers

Oh those eyes! This guy could rollerblade on one leg even though he
needed crutches to walk

The toddlers awaits their nutritional supplements

How does every single boy on earth know the weird "handsign" coolness thing?

The children surround the dogooder- hugs for all!

This is one of the pics the boy took when he took off with my camera

2 sets of twins and loooook at the belly on that lil guy!!!

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