Sunday, November 14, 2010

Last night in Port au Prince

Tomorrow morning we start our journey back to our other lives- to our families and friends, our careers, our neighborhoods, our "normal" lives.
Hooray! We have been sooo looking forward to this

Why is it always so hard to go?
Is there any need, really,to continue to obsess on how/if we could stay an extra week so we could go back north to help with the crisis?
Why do I have to wake up every few hours and search the latest cholera news?
Why is it that Haiti just climbs into your heart and refuses to leave?

We have our 2nd family here bigtime. BIGTIME.
But my first family- ooh I cannot wait to get home.
Soooo lucky to be completely supported back home.
The big-time anchors-my greatest fans. From miles away they picked me up and gave me the perspective I needed to walk back to the cholera center and work for hour after hourstarring in that horrorshow.
As flakey as it sounds, a huge part of me wants to just fly back up there and work work work to help people survive.

How bizarre to go back to work on Wednesday- in SICU- each and every patient monitored SO invasively with the most accurate and advanced devices on earth to ensure successful outcome at all costs. Wow.

I will try to follow Dr Mattson's lead on what I learned.......

1. There is no way to control anything- you are NOT the one in control

2. You can get by with next-to-nothing at all times- just try it for awhile and i guarantee that you will not need 95% of what you think you do

3. Love is more powerful than anything
4. I am not that patient
5. Children are the light of the world
6. Music ties the world together
7. Reality is worse that anything you could think up- flexible people are disciples of life.

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  1. Have a good trip home! We love you and miss you. Hope to see you when you get a chance, the Ethiopians keep asking.