Saturday, October 23, 2010


It was a GREAT NIGHT tonight~ we cannot thank people enough for the support-

First off we have to thank all the performers tonight- big thanks to the Tisdales, the Little Black Books, Anthony Bennett, and Tribal Alchemie for giving us their talent for the night. Seriously, the line up could not have been any better.

We made $880 at the door!!!! Woohoo!
How can we ever ask for more???
Big thanks to our supporters that came from Minneapolis, Fargo, and Grand Marias. I have no idea how I could survive without the support of my good, good, good, good friends. Big love on all the ladies that helped tonight running the door and selling shirts. And to Jim and W for driving us WAY out to Lakeside too after the show, and to RT Quinlans for hosting- esp to Robbie.

Day #7- we were still at Morning Star but it was just the two care providers- Julie and Tricia, not an MD or CNP in sight............
And here is the other thing I will never forget about Haiti............
this is a "little buddy" that was found in our super safe little area. Ew.Why are there so freakin many tarantulas???

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