Friday, May 7, 2010

TV eye

Good morning! 
What a relief to look outside and not see snow! So what if it's 30 degree F,windy and probably going to blizzard later- at least hasn't actually SNOWED yet.

We did a session of "Northland Voices" yesterday-that 1/2 hour show that Barbara Reylts hosts.
It airs on channel 3 or 4- KDLH(CBS) on Sunday morning at 10--- 5/9/10.

If you would like to view the spectacle of 2 mostly unintelligible grunters/grumblers (Tricia and Julie Louise- who is disguised as a giant tablecloth) discussing Haiti's post-quake crisis with  
2 completely at-ease professionals (Julie Pearce and Barbara Reylts) be sure to tune it.
There is a lot of Julie (Jitterbugs) video blog footage in the segment too and I look forward to seeing that again.


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