Monday, April 26, 2010

today we go to Miami

We had a WONDERFUL time at the beach yesterday- warm waters, mountains are around us, joy and good food..... so SO fun to swim and play all day with our friends that we have connected with here under the most intense circumstances.
check this out........  essay is called IMAGINE: PROTEST, INSURGENCY AND THE WORKINGS OF WHITE PRIVILEGE by Tim Wise

We fly to Miami today, then stay over and will be home tomorrow afternoon.
I cannot WAIT to see my family!!! Even my pup is going to get a kiss on the lips..... there are so many things that I will never take for granted again.
I want to be sure to remember all the wonderful people here in Haiti- there are no words for how grateful I am to have been allowed to share these past 2 weeks trying to help.
If you think that it's cool that we came here remember that we are just like you except probably even less organized- anyone with a ticket can come to Haiti and there are PLENTY of things to do once you get here. We are not amazing- we just got a ticket and came here, and you can too if you want.
They need lots of folks to help rebuild- carpenters, caregivers, anyone can help- email us if you are thinking about trying to get here and we will help you do it.
Don't dream it- be it!
(yeah, that's a quote from Rocky Horror picture show- forgive me, it's 4 am and, well, it's 4 am.....)

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