Thursday, March 11, 2010

Here we go!!!

Today is day one(unofficially) of PEACE*LOVE*HAITI as an organization!
Happy Birthday to PLH!
We are hoping to bring incredible things to the incredible people of Haiti and we need your help.
Incredible things including-but not limited to- medications and medical supplies (as much as we can stuff into our allotted baggage) and hands on care from 2 rather enthusiastic RN's.
We learned today that the only commercial airline going into Port Au Prince is American Airlines, apparently Delta has pulled out until June "at the earliest". The only reliable way in and out is private charter. We are going to hope the the unreliabley reliable American A will get us there as planned.
We have (almost) all our shifts covered for those 2 weeks thanks to our WONDERFUL and SUPPORTIVE coworkers at SMDC NOL!
Our immunizations are done (whew) but there is a LOT of organizing, gathering, plotting and begging to be done before April 13th.

STAY TUNED for information on how to donate to our cause if you are so inclined~
today we are accepting all prayers and good energies but tomorrow we should also be accepting PAYPAL and have a bank account too.
Every cent donated will go directly for our expenses- including the medical supplies and rx's that we will be bringing. Any "leftover" donations will go directly to Quisqueya Crisis Relief.
PEACE~~~ Julie Lou

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  1. Hey, great to see your blog - we'll be following it and hope to make a donation once you get PayPal connected! Until then, prayers and all good energy coming your way.

    Dad and Audrey